Jennifer Peabody

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Help ARF Connect Hearts and save more lives like Daisy's. 

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It was a rainy day in January, 2017 when Daisy arrived to ARF from the Central Valley. I was standing in my colleague’s office when I saw a spaniel mix being carried by the office window. My heart fluttered and I had to know if this new ARF pooch was a female. My colleague and I hurried to go meet the dog; sure enough, it was a girl!!

She arrived to ARF scared & flea ridden and looked as if she recently had weaned a litter of puppies. Her tail wagged as she slowly approached me in her run, leaned into me and gave me a gentle kiss on my hand. I fell in love then and there!

After her intake exam, I brought her home to foster as she recovered from kennel cough. Daisy was a perfect fit! She respected our cats and played with  our dogs.

We adopted Daisy 2 weeks later.

By May, 2017, she was a Canine Good Citizen and The joined our Pet Hug Pack.

She spent her first summer with us going to Camp ARF, bringing joy to children of all ages.

One of ARF’s strategic anchors is to “Connect Hearts;” Daisy is proof of that. I can’t imagine a day without her.

Help Daisy and I reach our goal allowing ARF to save more lives and continue to Connect Hearts.

This photo shows Daisy’s journey over the last year. Starting from the day we met, the day she passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen, the day she joined Pet Hug Pack, and her 1 year anniversary of being adopted.

With Gratitude,
Jennifer and Daisy

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