Hello, we are Team Penny G and we are walking to raise money for ARF and in memory of our baby girl, Penny , who was everything to us. She was a shelter rescue and was " special needs " in  that she was afflicted with several complex medical issues. She touched ours and many other people's hearts in the 5 1/2 years she was with us and taught us about resolve , empathy and love and she was our best friend.

Penny, her brother Bandit ( a big ol ARF dog that came to us 10 years ago) and our our new rescue, Pretty, have given us so much and we believe that this comes mostly from being a shelter / rescue dog.

We hope that by all contributing in helping ARF to continue their work and in memory of Penny ,  it will help all the pups ( and kitties) find their "forever homes " and help other people find their " best friends " too.

Thanks to all that have donated and also all those that helped with Penny's care over the years ( all those at Antioch Vet DV & Dr. Ken G, Sage Vet and UC Davis Vet Ctr.

Michael, Danielle , Bandit, Pretty and the rest of Team Penny 😄

P.S. Penny participated in several " Animals on Broadway " events and was there last year which was a week prior to her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. She loved seeing all the other dogs and people and had a really great day!  We contacted ARF to see about a picture we had taken in the photo booth , however, they also sent us a picture that they took that we didn't know about which was a beautiful surprise when we saw it . Here it is a well as a few more we like. 


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